I had an amazing experience working with April to change several issues in my life.  From the beginning, I felt that she created a loving and safe space for me to talk about my issues, which is not easy for me to do!  With her adept questioning, she helped me get to the heart of each issue and identify where the problems began.  She quickly and easily helped me shift the core beliefs and memories that setup my problems, and by the end of each session, I knew that we had made real change that would ripple out into my life (and it has).  I left every session in a fantastic mood because she made the whole process SO much fun!  I hope to have more sessions with April in the future, and I would recommend her to anyone I know!

Karen Cureton


Working with April is a pure delight. She is so intelligent, brilliant and extremely skilled at what she does. She is also very soft spoken, kind and considerate and makes the sessions so fun. Some things that I had been working on for so long, she created shifts in just 2 sessions. It has been an absolute pleasure working with her and I witnessed such deep changes in a very short time I highly recommend her.

Geetika Taneja


I came to April, via a referral from my naturopath, to get help with my debilitating social anxiety. It was so bad that I could hardly even attend family gatherings anymore. It took just about a month of weekly sessions and the anxiety was gone! I began to feel confident and at ease and actually started attending my university alumni groups, and enjoyed them! I was truly amazed! What was even more amazing though, was that I started feeling much better physically. I had been seeing a naturopath for 3 years trying to overcome a host of health issues (auto-immune problems including chronic fatigue) and didn’t notice too much progress despite a strict diet and tons of supplements. As I worked with April to clear out the mental gunk, I noticed my energy improving, sleeping better and less brain fog. I decided to continue my sessions and now I am feeling even better! I am thrilled with my results and the sessions were fun. April is caring and compassionate and knows how to get to the real issue and change the program. I absolutely recommend working with her!

Juan Delgado


Thank you April, I am so very grateful for your help. You helped me with something I had been struggling with for years! I had tried other ways to cope but I just wasn’t able to let it go, it kept coming back. You not only helped me let it go but its now a positive memory with good feelings. You also helped me address a memory from Elementary school that I thought wasn’t really an issue but your so skilled with your questions, you really got to the heart of it and now it too is a happy place to visit from my past.

Dannah Rossignol


Anxiety has been a big thing for me, when I worry about something my body freaks out. It seems like I am in a constant state of stress or anxiety and am/was exhausted most of the time, both physically and mentally. I did sessions with April and have had major shifts. My stress is way down, I feel peaceful and happy more than I had been in quite a long time, and I notice I am much more energetic. Also, I’m sleeping through the night now for the first times in a while.I really recommend working with her, she is great at what she does and really cares about helping you and getting you results. She taught me techniques to use on my own which are helping me a lot as well. I can’t say enough good things about her.

Krysta C.